Google Local Service Ads

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Google Local Service Ads for Garage Door & Gate Companies

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Your Way to Google Search’s Number One Spot!

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As a home service business owner, you need to be aware of the value of Google Local Service Ads. However, you’re still a bit in the dark about what they are exactly and how they can make your business more successful. At Door & Gate Domination, we’ll help and guide you so you can get your business into the Google Local Service Ads without any issues.

About Google Local Service Ads

You want your business to appear at the very top of Google Search – that’s the ideal position for any company that wants to advertise their business. That means it would be above all the paid search, maps, as well as organic listings. All of those leads are sent and received through Local Service Ads and are in the form of messages or phone calls. Google Local Service Ads is a pay-per-lead service where all leads have their own set costs.

How Google Local Service Ads Work

Before you can benefit from Google Local Service Ads, you need to have a proper understanding of how it works. When people search for garage door and gate services, the Local Services unit shows up at the top of the Google Search results. By clicking your ad, a potential customer can either call or message you. You’ll be notified by an e-mail and a notification through the Local Services Ads app.

Once you got your lead, you’ll now have to work your magic to turn it into one of your customers. A particularly useful tip that will enable you to continue getting messages is to try to respond to as many messages as you possibly can. Failure to respond to messages regularly will likely lead to the option for customers to send message requests being removed. The same is going to happen if your responses are repeatedly delayed. So you need to make sure that you monitor this closely on a daily basis.

Determining Rank Within the Local Services Unit

How is the ranking within the Local Services unit determined? There are several factors that help Google in matching consumers and service providers. The following are the factors that can affect your ranking in the Local Services unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Google Local Service Ads is the result of the rebranding that Google did on Google Home Services. The reason they did a rebrand and change the name is to ensure that people wouldn’t be confused with the Google Home smart speaker.

You might want to know when Google Local Service Ads will be available in your area. If it’s still not available in your area, you’ll need to submit an interest for as that will guarantee that you’re going to be on their list.

What’s the basis for choosing the top 3 advertisers? Is it based on conversions, reviews, proximity, or some other factor? Among those options, proximity is the most important factor followed by reviews. 

But you still need to focus on your dashboard and proper management of your leads so you wouldn’t start showing less. Turning away too many leads will make Google think that you can’t handle the load. The effect is that your ad will be displayed less.

The Google Guaranteed Program provides an assurance that you’ve received the “Google Guaranteed” status. It also means that Google has made it pass through a strict screening process. The following are parts of the process – background checks, insurance checks, and licensing. This will serve as an assurance for customers that if the job is not done properly, they’ll be able to submit a claim, and money will be refunded by Google.

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