SEO Strategy for Garage Door & Gate Contractors

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The garage door industry is becoming increasingly competitive these days and one way to deal with it is by having a stronger presence in the major search engines. Potential customers need to be able to find you easily on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other top search engines so they hire you for your services. You need to take advantage since search engines are where consumers go for help when they’re looking for specific services.

How to Build Your Very Own SEO Strategy

Step 1 - Build Up Your Website

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You need to be smart about building up your website. What that means is to go from the usual number of pages that a typical garage door website has. It usually has around 5 pages – Home, About Us, Services, Coupons, Contact Us. That somehow limits the indexation or the placeholders on the major search engines.

What you can do is mimic what other contractors do and add other services. Some of those other services include emergency garage door services, new garage doors, iron gate repair, welding service, and more. By creating a separate page for each of those services, you’re able to build up your website. This will also result in your website getting listed on the major search engines for the various keyword combinations.

Step 2 - Optimize the Pages

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After building up your website with your core services, each page needs to be optimized from an SEO perspective. This will basically inform the search engine of what the page is about and it will then proceed to list your website for those keywords. The following on-page search engine optimization tips are what you need to keep in mind:

Step 3 - Inbound Links

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The next step is for the website to get inbound links. All of the previous steps can be likened to laying the foundation to ensure that your website and your business will eventually be successful. But the number of quality links that your website’s pages will get will be the keys to getting and determining placement.

Link building is actually 70 % of SEO, with On-Page work making up the remaining 30 %. This shows the importance of getting quality inbound links. You absolutely need it so you can rank higher than the competition.

Getting the Most Quality Inbound Links is the Name of the Game!

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Association Links

You’re likely a member of an industry association or two. Make sure that your website has a link from those industry associations that you’re a member of. Examples are the Chamber of Commerce, Garage Door contractors associations, and more.

Directory Listings

It would also be extremely helpful to have your site listed on as many directories as you can. Some of the directories are Angie’s List,, Yahoo Local Directory, etc.

Create Quality Content / Articles Regarding the Industry

Creating quality content/articles about your industry is probably the best source of inbound links. For example, you can write a specific article about garage door repair and then send it to numerous article directory sites and it links back to a specific page on your website.

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